SmartChoice II HE Water Softener

Salt Monitor Included
Installation Included

All SmartChoice Gen II water softeners include an electronic meter,
bypass valve, in-home installation, and 100 lbs. of salt.
* pre-plumb or replacement installation.

SmartChoice II HE Water Softener

The last water softener you’ll ever need to buy…PLUS advanced diagnostics and high-efficiency 50% less salt usage/50% less water usage

The High-Efficiency SmartChoice® II capitalizes on all the original advancements of the SmartChoice II. Along with these improvements, the high-efficiency system:

  • Reduces salt usage by 50% (only uses 4 lbs. of salt per regeneration)
  • Reduces water usage by 50% (only uses 24 gallons of water per regeneration)
  • Requires less electricity (total regeneration time less than 89 minutes)

The SmartChoice II water softening system continues to improve on past designs. Ultra-low power consumption maximized salt efficiency and an energy saving auto display turn off are all a part of this innovative system. The SmartChoice II is also a Smart Appliance. Advanced electronics provide extensive information about water usage, identify plumbing leaks and other users that waste water and provide historical information logs on water-usage patterns. Other original features include:

  • Exchangeable components that separate easily
  • Lithium battery backup
  • Patented Vortech™ technology extends life and performance of media bed
  • Failure to use salt and low salt alert
  • System malfunction alert
  • Non-corrosive materials on all parts
  • Regeneration based on water usage
  • Color coded screens
  • Easy, low cost service options
  • Only one moving part

City water homes with 1-4 people.