Series 6000 Water Softener

Bypass valve $50 Optional
100lbs of Salt (2-50) $38 Optional
Installation (basic to pre-plumb) $300 Optional

Series 6000 Water Softener

Economical with Custom Options

The Series 6000 is a value priced, conventional water softener that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. With a full warranty, these systems have more to offer than other standard water softeners.

  • Settings are easy to understand and use
  • A water conservation feature allows minimal water usage
  • An optional single lever by-pass valve allows an easy way to by-pass the system and provides a simple disconnect
  • The five cycle 6000 Series valve is motor driven, there are no solenoids or diaphragms to stick or hang up
  • The two tank design protects controls from the harsh effects of salt and water that attack single tank systems
  • Choice of salt tank sizes to fit most any space requirements

City water homes with 1-4 people.