Back-Washing Carbon Filter

O3 Iron Filter Optional $300
Installation included

Back-Washing Carbon Filter

Customized whole house systems to meet your special needs

These special whole house systems, when applied correctly, effectively relieve problems caused by Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide, low pH, Particulates, Tannins, and Chlorine. Successful applications require proper testing and sizing.

  • Patented Vortech™ technology extends life & performance of media bed
  • High activity carbon helps in the removal of dissolved organic chemicals
  • Exclusive factory exchange program
  • Intelligent electronics – monitors usage history
  • 1″ High flow design
  • No fasteners, screws, nuts, or bolts to corrode
  • Operated by a single motor driven piston
  • Lifetime fiberglass wrapped, seamless tank
  • Thermal tank shroud

City water homes with 1-4 people.