SmartChoice Water Softener

Electronic meter Included
Bypass valve Included
Basic installation Included
160lbs of salt Included

SmartChoice Water Softener

The last water softener you’ll ever need to buy

The SmartChoice® water softening system was designed to combine features from the best products ever built, to improve on past designs, and to integrate new manufacturing technologies. The result is a “break-through” quality system with these smart features:

  • Exchangeable components that separate easily
  • Non-corrosive materials on all parts
  • Controls that are separated from the salt tank
  • Regeneration based on water usage
  • Easy, low cost service options
  • No screws, bolts or gaskets
  • Your choice of connection fittings
  • Easy settings
  • Only one moving part

City water homes with 1-4 people, or low iron well water.