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Why is Hardness Important To Me?

Why is Hardness Important To Me?

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is richer in minerals than soft water and tends to have a high content of calcium and magnesium because it has dissolved the compounds present in sedimentary rock. Approximately 85% of Americans have hard water in their homes, and about 30% of these use a water softener as a result.


How Can I Test for Hardness?

Water hardness is measured by the volume of calcium carbonate present. For water to be considered as hard, it must contain at least 200mg/l of calcium carbonate. There are a number of home methods you can use to see if your home has hard water, but for the most accurate result, bring a sample of your water to your local Aqua Systems store. Alternatively, another simple but less accurate method of testing if your home has hard water is to fill a clear water bottle with water from a faucet, add liquid soap and shake the bottle until the water foams up. If there is a lot of foam, the water is likely to be on the soft side, but if there isn’t, and the water appears cloudy, then it is on the harder side and you will need a water softener to soften the water.


Effects of Hard Water

Hard water is safe to drink and is often considered healthy due to its high mineral content. However, there are a number of issues that arise due to the presence of hard water in the home, such as the presence of limescale on appliances such as showerheads, hot water heater and dish washers. Limescale build-up may cause a great deal of damage to appliances and can also affect the water pressure in your homes plumbing system. Soap and shampoo may not lather up easily in the shower, and your hair and skin may appear dull or irritated. Hard water may also cause eczema and inflame other similar skin conditions.


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