Hard Water

Hard water leaves its mark on more than just your appliances and pipes.

Think dingy clothes, water stains and tangly hair.

Hard Water

Hard water is just that HARD! It can destroy appliances over time along with making your daily life more challenging. Is there anyone who likes to see their “clean dishes” dirty or scum build up on the walls of the shower? Of course not! Below are some of the daily challenges you’ll have without a water softener.

Limescale on your dishes, sink and shower head

Scrubbing white, chalky buildup off of your glasses and silverware every time you have friends over is not fun. Neither is a clogged shower head that sprays water in eight different directions.

Tangly, lifeless hair

Minerals in hard water attach themselves to your hair – giving it a dull, dry and tangly consistency. Leave-in conditioners, vinegar rinses and special color-stay shampoos can help fight the effects of hard water on your hair, but they won’t eliminate the problem.

Scratchy laundry

Do your towels come out feeling like sandpaper? Are your whites dull or discolored? Hard water contains minerals that react with soap and detergent to form a curd—leaving a filmy residue on your clothes that can make them feel stiff and look faded.

Imagine pulling crystal clear dishes out of the dishwasher. Cozy showers. Super soft laundry, soft hair and soft skin. Water doesn’t have to be hard. Call today to find out how we can remove the hardness from your water with an Aqua Systems water softener and make your cleaning a little easier.