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Why you need custom water bottles for your event

Are you a business hosting a big event? Are you planning an outdoor party or celebration? For either occasion, customized one-time use water bottles are a great addition. With COVID-19 restrictions for serving drinks and the necessity of being outdoors, single-use bottles are the best option for hydrating your guests. Customize them to fit the […]

Three ways you should be using filtered water in your home

Tap water from municipal water sources must pass strict drinking standards. The water in your home is treated in ways that prevent harmful levels of bacteria from entering your home but isn’t always the best option. Check out three main applications you should be using filtered water in place of tap water in your home: […]

Is a Water Softener System Right for You?

We’ve all been washing our hands more frequently over the last few months. Have you noticed that your home’s water is leaving a film on your hands after washing? If you have, you may have hard water. Water is typically clear. However, it contains minerals and chemicals that indicate the “hardness” of the water. Homes […]