SmartChoice II City Water Softener

City water homes with 1-4 people, or low iron well water.

Electronic meter Included
Bypass valve Included
Installation* Included
100lbs of Salt Included

All SmartChoice water softeners include an electronic meter, bypass valve, in-home installation, and 100 lbs. of salt. * pre-plumb or replacement installation.

SmartChoice City Water Softener

The last water softener you’ll ever need to buy for today’s city water problems

All the benefits of the SmartChoiceTM water softener system plus:

  • Reduces chlorine and other chemicals before they enter your home
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors and discoloration of water
  • Reduces the drying effects of chlorine for healthier skin and hair
  • Keeps clothes softer, brighter, and more colorful
  • Eliminates chlorine corrosion of fixtures and appliances
  • Improves air quality by preventing the release of harmful chemical vapor into your home
  • Exclusive interchangeable components allow for easy service and carbon exchange


The last water softener you’ll ever need to buy