Defender™ iGen® Whole House Water Softener

Installation Included

Bypass/100lbs Salt Included

Defender™ iGen® C Whole-House Chloramine Water Softener and Filter Combo

Defend your Family Against Chloramine, Chlorine and Hardness Problems In Your Water.

he Puronics® Defender™ iGen® C (with ChloroShield™ Clearess® media) utilizes our proprietary Chlorostatic® Technology to reduce the levels of chloramine, chlorine, and hardness typically found in municipal water supplies. Chloramine is a common municipal water disinfectant, but is corrosive to lead and copper water lines and could have possible side effects for people and fish. This whole-house water softener and filtration system combines the advanced technology of the intelligent iGen® control valve and a durable fiberglass media tank to provide superior quality, healthy water for years to come.

  • Soft and silky skin and hair
  • Food tastes better
  • Dishes are cleaner
  • Better tasting beverages