SmartChoice™ Gen II iTwin Water Softener

SmartChoice™ Gen II iTwin combines alternating twin tank design for an uninterrupted supply of soft water along with advanced diagnostics of the SmartChoice™ Gen II valve. The SmartChoice™ Gen II iTwin is unlike any other softener on the market!


Continuous Soft Water with Advanced Diagnostics

The unique SmartChoice™ Gen II iTwin’s advanced electronics provide extensive information about water usage, identify plumbing leaks and other uses that waste water and provide historical information logs on water-usage patterns. Since each tank is used to its full capacity, there is no need for reserve, adding even more efficiency. Other features include:

Gen II Head Animation

  • Always on soft water

  • 7 year all-encompassing warranty – includes parts, labor and service call

  • Lifetime warranty on tanks – includes salt and mineral tank

  • Lifetime exchange program – makes the Smart Choice systems the last water softener you will ever need to purchase

  • Try before you buy – with the rental purchase option you can try the system in your home before committing to purchase the system

  • US components (American equipment made by American workers)

  • “Greenest” system you will ever own – with the warranty and exchange program prevents landfill waste

  • Lithium battery back up

  • Low salt alert

  • Intelligent AQ/IQ board learns customer use patterns and becomes even more efficient over time

Industry leading Warranty:

  • 7 years on all parts
  • Lifetime on both the Resin tank and the Brine tank

All Smart Choice Gen II water softeners come with special installed package pricing that includes a 7-YEAR IN-HOME SERVICE POLICY.


For city water applications, the SmartChoice™ Gen II iTwin is also available in a High-Efficiency model.
With the High-Efficiency softener enjoy a 25% savings in salt and a 65% savings in water usage.  Click Here to find out more about the High-Efficiency SmartChoice™ Gen II water softeners.

(Not available at all locations.)

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