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Q: Do you need both a sulfur and iron eradicator to control stains and odor?
A: Hi It depends on your water conditions but you would only need one Eradicator for both problems. We can build the Eradicator to take care of your specific water needs for Iron and Sulphur with one unit. We would need to test your raw water at your home to determine which system you would need. We need to test your water onsite because Sulphur is a gas and will dissipate if you bring in a sample. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: We have a well. What is the best system to really work thru the harshness of well water both for drinking and laundry etc. Thanks Cyndi
A: Hello,  A water softener will remove hardness minerals and fair amount of iron from all of the household water.  Sometimes an iron filter is required for extreme iron and/or sulfur odor in well water.  A reverse osmosis system will purify water for drinking, cooking and icemakers.  I have attached price and data sheets for some of our systems and would suggest we test the well water before recommending a specific treatment package.  We can test the water in our store or in your home, whichever you prefer.  Please e-mail or call for more information.  Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day!
Q: I need a water softener, i think i need about a 40,000grain. I have a 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom 2 story home. i need one to handle a 4-5 person home. my garage is plumbed for a water softener and its in the open. I would like a price for the equipment and a price for installation. Thanks
A:   Hello, Please see the attached information/price sheets and call 800-447-5582, 317-594-0644 or visit a store for more information.  The Fishers location is at 11345 Allisonville Rd, just south of 116th St on the east side between Auto Zone and Car X.  The December specials are $100.00 off Worry Free packages, $200.00 off all SmartChoice softeners and $499 cash/carry for the Series 3000 timer model.  Pre-plumb installation is free for Worry Free and SmartChoice purchases and $150.00 for Series 3000.  Twelve months with zero interest financing is also offered. Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: Is there a whole house water filter or system that would make softened water from the bathroom or other "soft" faucets be filtered as well as drinkable, i.e. without sodium that was added by the softening process? Most RO systems are just for one sink and require a special faucet or attachment to the faucet that is ugly looking. I have a water softener but would like to also have drinkable water on tap without buying bottled/treated water separately.
A: Thank you for your inquiry.  The only way to have pure drinking water is either through reverse osmosis or a distiller.  Reverse osmosis systems are much more economical, however you are correct they are called point of use systems; meaning they have one area for use.  Most people get their drinking water from the kitchen thus the r.o. faucet is located there.  You can't run the r.o. water through a regular faucet.  The only other option is to have the r.o. system installed and if you are on a crawl space, unfinished basement, or cabinets that connect from sink to fridge, then we can run a line from the r.o. system to the fridge to have all your pure water there.  We do also have very attractive faucets for the r.o. system available as well.  You might want to stop by the Greenwood showroom to check out all this information.  Thank you for your inquiry.  Please call or stop by if you need any other information. 
Q: What options are available for whole house water filtration? We just moved to a new house on a well and the water is unacceptable for color and smell.
A: Hi It depends on if the odor is in the hot and cold or just the hot water. We do carry chemical free Iron filters that will take care of Iron and Sulphur. We would really need to test your water so we could recommend treatment equipment. Please let us know if we can help
Q: Does the reverse osmosis system replace the bottled water? Also, if I purchased an water softening system do I also need an reverse osmosis system to obtain the equivalent of bottled water?
A: Hi The R/O does replace bottled water. You would need an R/O with a softener if you would like bottled water quality water. The softener removes the lime and calcium from the water and Iron if you are on a well but a softener does add a small amount of sodium to the water. The R/O will remove about 98% of anything that is in your water for bottled water quality water. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: How should I go about a solution to my sulfide (rotten egg smell) problem. I have already tried a whole house carbon filter. I also have bleached my well three times, each only lasting a couple of weeks before the smell returns. I had a water test awhile back and coliform was present. what next?
A: Aqua Systems has chemical-free solutions for sulfur and iron in water.  Ultraviolet light or chlorination can be used to kill bacteria. We can test your water on-site to determine the proper treatment for the sulfur issue.  Please call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment for a free in-home evaluation. Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day.
Q: We built our house in the country 14 years ago, and of course, we have a water softener. Over time, we have noticed more and more problems with rust staining everything from our toilets and sinks to our dishes and (especially!) my hair. About a year ago I talked to a well-driller about the problem, and he told me that softeners don't remove rust (most people apparently don't know this), and he said don't be afraid to use plenty of "Iron Out" in the softener. After trying that, my husband discovered his skin couldn't tolerate the "Iron Out". I only recently heard about iron filters. How do they work and are they effective?
A: Hello and thank you for contacting us.  Water softeners do remove iron from water, but only to a specific amount. Typically it is up to 3 ppm.  Over 3 ppm (or with other difficult forms of iron) an iron filter is needed to remove the rust first before it gets to the softener.  We offer chemical free iron filters (eradicators) that will remove 100% of iron from your water.  With the Eradicator you will no longer need to use harsh chemical with your water softener.  Please call me at 260-483-3963 and I will be happy to explain how they work, and how to direct you in getting your water tested for free, so we know the amounts of rust/iron in your water. Thanks, Steve Crane
Q: I have an Aqua Systems softener on a well and constantly fight the iron/sulfur issues. It seems my best action so far is to chlorine shock my entire water system which results in 4-6 months of improved conditions before I need to do it again. I want to consider adding an RO system for drinking water and ice making but I'm concerned that the bacteria will populate the RO membrane and fixture making it just another problem area to "shock". I'm also concerned about appropriate pressure for proper RO membrane function. Any suggestions?
A: Hi, Bryan - We can certainly address the water issues you've outlined above.  If you're tired of chlorinating your well, and are seeking a permanent solution, take a look at our "Eradicator"  chemical free iron and sulfur filter: This system is very effective at eliminating iron and sulfur smell from your water. Regarding your questions about reverse osmosis:  If your well water is free of harmful bacteria such as coliform and e. coli,  a reverse osmosis system should perform fine on a well with average pressure (40-60 psi...) Here is a link to the owners manual for our "Pure Choice" reverse osmosis system: Note that the manual states the following:  "Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality, without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Systems certified for cyst reduction may be used on disinfected water that may contain filterable cysts." Please look over the information, and feel free to call me if you would like to discuss our products, or if you would like to schedule a time for me to come out and test your raw water. Thank you, Todd Buckley
Q: I have a client who is considering purchasing a home "in the woods" far from a municipal water source, and in an area where wells are difficult to drill. The only source of water in the area is from the pond (2 to 3 acres in size)located on the property. (All of the other properties in that area get their water supply from ponds.) My clients are not sure they are comfortable with "water from the pond" for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. What are your thoughts? Can pond water be treated in a way to make it as safe, or safer, than tap water?
A: Hi Steve, Yes we do have several customers especially in Trafalgar and Morgantown area that do have their homes fed by water from ponds or lakes.  We can treat this water to make it bacteria free and remove any iron, tannins, or other problem waters.  We can specifically design systems to treat the water.  The drinking of the water can be reached however if any of the equipment were to fail then the reverse osmosis system could not be trusted to remove the bacteria.  The ultimate result is we can chlorinate the water and get the water very good to use for showering, cleaning and everyday usuage, however we would recommend bottled water to for drinking and ice for peace of mind.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.  We can be reached at 317-889-6829 and ask for Dave or Tom.  Thank you for your inquiry.  
Q: Do you have a system the will remove e-coli in a well system
A: Hello we use Chlorination or Ultra Violet light to kill bacteria. If you would like someone to stop by and take a look at what you have there just give us a call and we would be happy to send someone out to take a look and recommend treatment. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: Hi...........we are just starting to build a home on Heritage Lake. Our water will have to come from a well which worries us. What do you recommend we do? We'd like to be able to make all the water as good as possible, not just the drinking water.....Thanks...TIm
A: Hi Tim We have done a lot of work in that area and some of the water is not that bad but some of the wells in that area are pretty rough water. After your well is drilled and we have access to a water supply we would be happy to stop by and test the water and recommend treatment depending on how your water tests. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: I am interested in purchasing a water softner, I was told about the salt free softners. Do you sell salt free water softners?
A: The only way to produce perfectly soft water without using salt is to use potassium chloride for the ion exchange process instead of sodium chloride.  There are salt free conditioners available that may reduce scale in pipes and water heaters but they are not physically able to produce soft water.  Something must be exchanged for the hardness minerals in order to have perfectly soft water, as in zero grains of hardness.  With that being explained, the salt free system we offer, NoScale, will reduce hardness by 15-20% and causes the hardness minerals to form crystals and pass through plumbing which reduces scaling.  The media used in the NoScale system is third party tested and verified which is why we offer it as an alternative.  I am not aware of any other device available that has been successful in third party testing for hardness or scale removal.  Of course the reverse osmosis process removes virtually all total dissolved solids from water but most consumers consider it impractical for whole house applications due to expense and space issues.  Please contact us at 800-447-5582 or visit a store near you for more information.  Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: Do you have a system for the entire house?
A: Yes, we do have whole house systems for filtration, soft water and pure water depending on what you are interested in.  We can provide more information via phone, e-mail, at a store location or in your home.  Please call 317-272-3000 or 800-447-5582 for more information.  Thanks for your inquiry and we look forward to answering your questions.
Q: I have an aqua water system and it seems to be cycling however my water still smells "rusty" and has a sulphur smell. What could be causing this issue?
A: Some wells have too much iron and/or hydrogen sulfide for a water softener alone to handle and require additional filtration.  We can test your water at your home or in our store to determine if your current system is working or not and if more equipment is recommended.  We would like to test unconditioned water from the well and hot and cold water from a bathroom after going through the system.  Please e-mail or call if you have any questions...thank you!
Q: I see multiple filtration units under your "Problem Water Systems". Do you test water to tell which system would be best pre softener?
A: Yes, we would test your well water to determine what should be removed such as iron, tannins, sediment, etc.  Please call 800-447-5582 to schedule an appointment or for details on bringing water to one of our store locations for testing.  Thank you.
Q: I have a smart choice air induction filter system in the house that I just bought. My water has a real strong sulfur smell and is very hard. I've added salt to my tank and the smell is still just as bad. Is there something that I can do to fix this? Perhaps I could backwash my system? Any suggestions and the How To would be very helpful.
A: We have referred your inquiry to a local service provider who is familiar with water conditions in your area of Florida.  Thank you!