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Q: how to pay my bill online?
A: Hello, Please go to our website at In the upper right corner is a red button that says "PAY MY BILL". Please click on that and it will direct you from there. Thanks, Steve Crane
Q: I'm having trouble understanding pricing for a home water cooler rental and stand rental. Not including any water bottle fees, how much would it cost to rent a floor stand and cooler per month? I would be receiving service from the Fishers, Indiana location.
A: Hello, A cook and cold water cooler rents for $4.95 per month and a hot and cold cooler would rent for $6.95 per month. I am not sure what you are referring to a floor stand but you could call the Fishers store and they would be able to give you a price on what you need. Their number is 317-594-0644. For new water customers we are also running a "free cooler rent" for a year. This program includes free cooler rent for a year, 3 5-gal water, and 2 cases of water. Thanks for your inquiry, Steve Crane
Q: I need to have my well water tested for arsenic, can your company do that? If so, what do I need to do to get that done? Thanks
A: Hello, Aqua Systems unfortunately can't test for Arsenic, however here are a few options.  These are test that you pay for.  You can contact your local Health Department. The Marion County Health Department 317-221-2274 (Luke Ricke is the contact). Heritage Environmental 317-243-0811 or ESG Labs 317-290-1471.  If you do get a positive test of arsenic Aqua Systems would most likely be able to find a system that can help reduce the arsenic.  Please call if you have any questions or needs to 317-272-3000.  Have a great day.  
Q: Hi, I have a cooler made by Primo. Can I use your bottled water?
A: Hello, Yes you may use our bottled water on any cooler.  Thank you for your business and have a nice day!
Q: How can you divert outside water(used for watering the lawn) from being treated?
A: Hello, The easiest way is to put the water softener in bypass, by using the bypass valve on the back of your water softener.  This makes all the water hard so try not to use water inside while watering outside.  Please remember to put back into service after watering.  If your home is on a slab this is the only option.  If your home is on a crawl space or unfinished basement the plumbing can be altered to automatically bypass the outside spigots.  This can be done by a plumber.  We do provide that service if needed.  Please call 317-889-6829 or 317-272-3000 with any other questions.  Thank you and have a good day.
Q: Where can a person get a free or inexpensive complete test of water from his/her house ---- contaminants, hardness, chemicals, etc.?
A: Hi John The Indiana Department of Health. The # is 317-233-8084 or ESG Labs Their # is 317-290-1471. I do not know what they charge but they can run a complete water test for several contaminants. We can test for hardness Iron and P.H. at any of our stores at no charge if that would help. Please let us know if we can help. Thanks John
Q: I'm wanting a wood floor stand - room temperture. For a five gallon water jug.
A: Hi We do carry wood floor stands with porcelain crocks for room temperature water dispensing. You are welcome to contact any of our stores for pricing on crocks and water. Please let us know if we can help. Thank you for your interest in Aqua systems
Q: Does your bottled water (five gallon size)have flouride in it? If so, can you please provide an amount?
A:   Aqua Systems’ bottled water does not contain fluoride.  It is purified by reverse osmosis and contains no additives.  Please see the test results attached and e-mail or call if you have any questions.    Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: I work at a dental office and our sterilization unit needs "steam" distilled water or the water has to be less than 7 ppm. Can you help?
A:   Aqua Systems offers de-ionized water in 5 gallon bottles which is .05 ppm total dissolved solids.    Please call 317-272-3000 for more information about pick up and delivery options.  Thanks for your inquiry and have a nice day.
Q: Could you please give me an idea of the ph level of your bottled water?
A: Hi The P.H. of our bottled water is at the last test was 5.4. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: Does your bottle water for coolers contain flouride in it? I heard from my doctor to find out if my drinking water contains it as it does have beneficial reasons for enamel on teeth and for my 6 month old daughter for her new incoming teeth.
A: Aqua Systems’ reverse osmosis purified water does not contain fluoride.  Doctors and dentists can prescribe fluoride drops if you would like to add it to your water or juice.  Please find a complete water analysis attached and call or e-mail us if you have further questions.
Q: Hi, I have a water softener from you company that I bought like ayera ago. So, I have an old bag of morton salt water softener pellets *system saver ii. Can I use it in on it? I will have to waste it.
A:   Hello,  Yes, you may use Morton salt in your Aqua Systems.  We recommend adding only one bag at a time if you are not using Aqua Systems’ Premium salt to avoid possible brine tank clean-outs.  Thanks for your inquiry and have a nice day.
Q: Does this system have adverse effects on hair?
A: Hello, Thank you for contacting us.  If you are referring to a water softener, they have a positive effect on hair.  Many of our customers compliment us on the effects of soft water with their hair and the savings in soap/ shampoo they receive with soft water.  If you have further questions please call us anytime at 260-483-3963. Thank you, Steven Crane
Q: Hello. We recently purchased a SmartChoice Gen II water conditioning system, and as of today all of our water is cold. There's no hot water at all. Is this a problem of the conditioning system or something else entirely? If so, how can we find a solution? Thanks.
A: Hi There is really nothing about the softener that would affect the hot water. Sorry it sounds like you have a water heater problem. If it is electric you might check the breaker. If it is gas you might want to check the pilot light. Please let us know if we can help
Q: we changed the thermostat to make cold water colder; now only the hot water spigot works; what should we do?
A: Hi If you are not getting any water from the cold side at all it is probably frozen. Turn the thermostat down a little and unplug the cooler and allow it to thaw and you should be all set. Please let us know if we can help
Q: Where can I find the quality report to your bottled drinking water for the St. Louis location. I also saw online that you are a distributer of mountain valley spring water, is this true?
A: Hello,  Please see the attached reports for Aqua Systems and Diamond Distilled bottled water.  We are also a distributor for Mountain Valley Spring water.  Please see the attached price sheet and e-mail or call for more information and pick-up or delivery options.  Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day.
Q: How can I get my water tested?
A: Hi It depends on what you would like it tested for. You are welcome to bring a sample into one of our stores. We can test for hardness-iron and P.H. at our stores. If you would like it tested for bacteria-lead things like that, you would need to take a sample to a lab to be tested. Please let us know if we can help
Q: Is your water flouridated?
A:   Aqua Systems’ water is not fluoridated.  It is purified by reverse osmosis and has nothing added.  Please see the product testing report attached for more details.  Thanks for your inquiry and have a nice day.
Q: Can i buy empty water jugs(5+ gallon) from you? If so, how much per jug
A: Hi If you would just like to buy empty bottles they are $8.00 each to just buy. Please let us know if we can help
Q: Is your system made in the USA?
A: Yes, Aqua Systems equipment is assembled in Avon, Indiana at our National Headquarters.  We also produce up to 80,000 three and five gallon bottles of reverse osmosis purified water here each month.  Please visit our website at for more information or visit us at 7785 E US Hwy 36 in Avon, just west of Dan Jones Rd.  Thanks for your inquiry!
A: All of Aqua Systems’ water softeners work with potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride as a “salt-free” softener.  There is no other way to soften your household water without exchanging hardness and sodium/potassium ions.  We offer a salt-free system that will reduce scale build-up without using sodium or potassium, but it will not soften water. Many people ask us about salt-free units because they see the electronic and magnetic “water conditioners” and assume that they soften water, but they do not.  The most popular treatment is a water softener to treat all of the water inside the home for utility purposes (showers, laundry, dishwasher, etc.) and a reverse osmosis system to purify water for drinking, cooking and ice.  The reverse osmosis removes sodium added by the softener, as well as chlorine, chemicals and other impurities in the water. We build systems that you can buy, rent or finance and have price points to fit most any budget.  I have attached price sheets for your review and invite you to call 317-272-3000 or visit us in Avon at 7785 E US Hwy 36 for more information.  We are open 8am-6pm Monday through Friday and 8am-2pm on Saturday.  You may also see our pricing and informational videos at .  Thanks for your inquiry…we look forward to helping with your water treatment needs.
Q: We have an aqua dispenser.Do you deliver bottled water, lets say once in every 15 days. We will need 5 Bottles every 15 days.
A: Yes, we deliver 5 gallon bottles of water for $6.45 each plus $6.00 each refundable bottle deposit if you do not have Aqua Systems’ empty bottles.  We deliver on scheduled routes according to zip code.  Please e-mail or call 317-272-3000 for more information or to arrange delivery.   Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day!
Q: I'm purchasing a house with this water softener installed: Model #WCC100TB I don't see this model listed on your website. I've been asked if I want to rent this unit for $15.95 a month. Can you shed some light on this? Thank you.
A: Hello, The WCCT100 is also known as our series 9000 water softener.  A manual is available on our website under products and services.  The unit is a time clock model which regenerates based on day of the week.  The monthly rental rate is $15.95 + tax or it can be purchased at a discounted rate based upon the amount of rent paid by the previous owner.  Please e-mail or call with the property address if you would like to know the price for that unit.    We also have new units available to purchase or rent and offer packages with drinking water systems as well as 12 months same as cash financing.  Please e-mail or call for more information based on your family size and water needs.  Thanks for your inquiry and have a nice afternoon!
Q: Is the added salt to soften the water harmful to humans? I mean does it increase the sodium to an unhealthy level?
A: Hi A softener does add a small amount of sodium to the water. For instance softened water has 214 mg/L of sodium. Plain 2 percent milk has 480 mg.L of sodium. Pepsi Cola has 100 mg/L of sodium. You would have to drink a lot of soft water to get to a unhealthy level. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: How do I drain a Smartchoice Water Softener?
A:   You may drain most of the water from the media tank by turning off the inlet to the softener and cycling the unit through backwash.  Please call the service department at 317-272-3000 or 800-447-5582 for more information about winterizing or moving the unit.  Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: If I drink a quart of the softened water, how much sodium will I ingest?
A:    A water softener will add 7.5 mg of sodium per grain of hardness that it removes through ion exchange.  City water in your area is 24 grains per gallon, so one quart of soft water would contain 180 mg of sodium.  We do not recommend drinking soft water. A reverse osmosis system will remove sodium and other impurities from the water and may be connected to a refrigerator.  Bottled water or a hard water faucet at the kitchen sink are other options.  Potassium chloride can also be used in your softener and is available at our drive through for $24.00 per 40 pound bag.  Please call 317-889-6829 or visit our store in Greenwood at 905 N State Rd 135 for more information.  Thanks for your question and have a great day.
Q: Why did you decide to go to the monthly cupon payment method? Since this method was employed I have been late to get payment to you, due to the out of site out of mind issue. I try to send 5 or months rent at a time just to keep the hassle of digging in the bill drawer to find the payment stub, if I even remember at all. Cannot a company of your size get with the times and allow online payments, like every bill I pay each month. You would get your payments from me at least on-time, avoid hassles of letters to remind the customers, by using email and save us and your company the snail mail stamps and phone calls!!!!!!
A: Hello, Thanks for writing us, we appreciate your business.  Due to customer input request we implemented the coupon books. A lot of our rental customer were confused about the statements that used to be sent.  Sometimes things would overlap and they paid twice.  The coupon book was a fix that allowed customer to send in exactly what they owed for the month.  We do have some folks that do not like the coupon books and we have other means of payments.  One is an automatic withdraw from your checking account.  The second is processing a debit or credit card each month.  These are two processes that require you to do nothing each month.  If you wish to start one of these please call our billing department at 1-800-447-5582 and they can answer any questions or get you started.  Again,  thank you for letting us serve you. Thank, Steven Crane
Q: my water has a very bad smell to it on the hot water side , i have a aqua system what can i do about the smell
A:   Hello, Water heaters have an anode or magnesium rod that will cause an odor in the hot water.  Please see the attached instructions for removing the rod; it will void the warranty on your heater but will eliminate the odor.  You may also add ½ cup of chlorine bleach to the heater when you remove the rod.  Please call the service department at 317-272-3000 if you have any questions.  Thanks for your business and your inquiry.
Q: We have a series 9000 water softner system in a home we recently moved into. The system was installed in 1999. In the last couple of weeks we have noticed our water, esecially the hot water, has a foul smell. Is this an indication that there is a problem with our system?
A: Hi If the odor is in the hot water only it may be the anode rod in the hot water heater reacting to soft water. It can be removed or replaced with a soft water anode rod. If the water still feels soft it is probably the anode rod. Please let us know if we can help.
A: Hi We do carry salt less systems. You are welcome to give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the difference between salt based systems and salt free systems. Thank you for you interest in Aqua Systems
Q: Why should I not be concerned about your bottled water containing bisphenol A, which I understand to be a chemical building block of polycarbonate plastic? Thank you for your response.
A: Please click here to read a detailed response to your question.
Q: I am concerned about petroleum content in our drinking water.
A: Please respond with your city and state and we will direct your inquiry to a store in your area to address your concerns.  Thank you and have a nice day.
Q: Is your AQLP RO System suitable for laboratory work? What quality of water does it produce (eg Type III lab grade)? Is tap water an acceptable feed?
A: Hello Mary, The AQLP 100 RO system is great for drinking water at a 95-98% pure water and runs around 25-30 ppm total dissolved solids.  As pure as this water is it is not lab grade water.  We do have a commercial and industrial department that carries a full line of deionized exchange tanks and other options.  Please let me know if you would like a free estimate and I will have someone from that department to contact you.  Thank you for your inquiry and have a good day.
Q: I have a client that is building a medical/dental office building. He has questioned using a water softening system in favor of a Freiji system. Do you have any information that you can send me that discusses water softeners versus water conditioners? I would like to have an information for the client to review and make an informed decision.
A: Aqua Systems' home page at has information about electronic and magnetic devices vs. water softeners under "The Latest" tab.  The main question is "Does your client want soft water?" If so, an ion exchange water softener would provide perfectly soft water (with zero grains of hardness).  If not, you may want to further research "scale reducing" devices and determine if any independent studies on the devices prove to meet your clients needs. Aqua Systems offers commercial and residential sized water softeners, filters and reverse osmosis purifiers as well as de-ionization exchange tanks and systems to suit various water treatment needs. Please e-mail, call or visit a location near you for more information or to schedule a consultation at your building site. Thanks for your inquiry and have a nice day.
Q: Have a local Missionary going to Haiti, is going to help out at two orphanage's(total of 400 kids and growing). The water is clean at these locations but not potable (fit for human consumtion). Do you have any systems (or idea's) that would be portable, and handle this type demand for people. It would have to be primitive but effective, something as simple as particulate filtration and chlorination. Possible testing procedure's? I would like to stop in Friday and talk to one of your smart guy's, please call and leave a contact name. (not asking for money just information) Thanks
A: Hi Rick There is always someone to speak with at Avon to help you decide what treatment you would fit your needs. Thanks Rick . I will give you a call also.
Q: When we built our house, we did not have it plumbed correctly to filter our water. We are on a slab and were told it's not possible to fix now. So, we have a water softener in the garage (Sears). But we have to hit "bypass" when we drink water or cook with water from the kitchen sink. We let the water run awhile to "changeover" but I'm still worried we are getting more sodium/salt than we should be. I am interested in a solution or ideas you might have. If there is nothing else we can do, we are interested in a water cooler. We have a 6 month old and I want to be sure our water is okay before he starts drinking it. Thanks!
A: Hi We do carry Reverse Osmosis systems that will remove sodium from your drinking water. We install the system under your kitchen sink and install a seperate faucet for drinking and cooking water. It is the same process as our bottled water. R/O will remove about 98% of anything in your water. Bottled water would be the other source of pure drinking water. We can help with whatever you would be interested in. Please let us know if we can help
Q: I have one of your WS1 150TB softeners in my home. 15 grains of hardness is currently programmed into the unit. QUESTION: If I change the grains of hardness from 15 to 30, will I get softer water coming out of the tap ? Thanks, Gary
A: That depends on what the hardness of the feed water is. The grains of hardness programmed should equal the total compensated hardness of your incoming water so the unit can provide soft water accordingly.  Increasing the programmed grains above what is actually coming in to the unit will make the water any softer (if all is working properly).  Water is either perfectly soft with zero grains of hardness or contains some hardness.  Please contact your local dealer for more information or our dealer services department at 800-272-5511 to locate a store in your area.  Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: we have aquasystems series 9000, since ~2002. Only the hot water was connected, so the cold water is not softened. We have scale build up and would like to improve this situation. Is there a better aquasystems product available than series 9000, and can we have cold water (all water) put thru the new system or the current system if none is better?
A: Hi With just the hot water being softened you will still have build up from the cold water. We would need to stop by your home to take a look at the plumbing to see if it is possible and what would be involed to get hot and cold water soft. Most people are not happy with just the hot being on soft water. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: Does your bottled water have floride added after the reverse osmosis process?
A: Hi Our water does not have Floride added to the water. It is Floride free. Please let us know if we can help
Q: For 20+ years I have used culligan solar salt in my culligan softener, which I just replaced with an aqua systems smart choice water softener. I was advised to gt duracube salt for this new softener. However, it is less convenient and more expensive than culligan salt. Can I use the culligan solar in my new aquasystems softener?
A: Hello, Yes you can use solar salt instead of the Dura Cube however it is not nearly as clean.  Solar salt will soften the water and the softener will work however the salt does have quite a bit of dirt left in it.  Dura Cube is 99% pure salt with no dirt in it.  If you use the solar salt you will need to clean out your brine tank once a year due to the debris left by the salt.  If you use the Dura Cube you will not need to clean it out.  With the softener you purchased it is a very efficient system and you should not add salt as nearly as much as you did before.  In saying that it may be worth the extra $10-$15 a year to use the Dura Cube.  This is only a suggestion and we thank you for your business.
Q: I have a client who is considering purchasing a home "in the woods" far from a municipal water source, and in an area where wells are difficult to drill. The only source of water in the area is from the pond (2 to 3 acres in size)located on the property. (All of the other properties in that area get their water supply from ponds.) My clients are not sure they are comfortable with "water from the pond" for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. What are your thoughts? Can pond water be treated in a way to make it as safe, or safer, than tap water?
A: Hi Steve, Yes we do have several customers especially in Trafalgar and Morgantown area that do have their homes fed by water from ponds or lakes.  We can treat this water to make it bacteria free and remove any iron, tannins, or other problem waters.  We can specifically design systems to treat the water.  The drinking of the water can be reached however if any of the equipment were to fail then the reverse osmosis system could not be trusted to remove the bacteria.  The ultimate result is we can chlorinate the water and get the water very good to use for showering, cleaning and everyday usuage, however we would recommend bottled water to for drinking and ice for peace of mind.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.  We can be reached at 317-889-6829 and ask for Dave or Tom.  Thank you for your inquiry.  
Q: Is your bottled water alkaline or acidic? I have heard that the only bottled water that is alkaline is Ice Mountain.
A: Hello, Our reverse osmosis water ph tests on average 5.8 to 6.3 so it is slighty on the acidic side.  I am not sure about Ice Mountain they carry many different types of water.  We only carry pure water.  Please let us know if we can be of any other assistance.  Thank you.
Q: my name is mike Smith.I just got a new chlorine pump from plainfied location.What should our chlorine level be and the water is cloudy what can we do.Thanks Mike Smith
A: Mr. Smith,   The service department will contact you regarding the chlorinator and options for controlling the cloudiness in your water.   Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day
Q: How long does water last if left unopened in one of your premium bottles?
A: Aqua Systems' three and five gallon bottles of water have a minimum one year shelf life if unopened.  Please call 317-272-3000 if we can be of assistance.  Thanks for your inquiry!
Q: What is the Ph balance of the bottled water?
A:   The pH of Aqua Systems’ reverse osmosis purified water is 5.8 to 6.8. Please e-mail or call if you have any questions or would like a copy of the NSF Finished Product Test results for the water.  Thanks for your inquiry!
Q: How many ppm of sulphur can the eradicator handle?
A: The Eradicator has been tested in some markets where it has been successfully removing 66 ppm of sulfur for several years without replacing the media bed. However, water chemistry varies from one supply and area to another. Therefore, you should not take a blanket approach to how much sulfur can be removed as the unique chemistry of any given water supply may inhibit or expand the ability of the filter. Rely on your local dealer for specifics on the water and sulfur reduction in your area.   Pat
Q: We have city water. Does softening water affect the floride in it? Does the Reverse Osmosis system take the floride out of the water?
A: Hi A water softener does not affect the Flouride content but a reverse osmosis will remove the flouride. Please let us know if we can help
Q: Wil the eradicator remove iron bacteria? How about coliform? What type of media does it use? How often does the media need to be replaced?
A: Hello The eradicator will not remove Iron bacteria or Coliform. They are both a living bacteria so it has to be killed before it can be removed. Chlorination or Ultra violet light is the best solution for both bacterias. The media we use depends on your particular water conditions. We can configure the beds several different ways depending on your water conditions and your water conditions also depend on how long the media will last. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: What is the best way to get rid of iron and hydrogen sulfide? Someone has recommended a filter with Calgon Centaur carbon media, but it uses bleach. How can we be assured that the cloride doesn't go through?
A: Aqua Systems Chemical-Free Eradicator system removes iron and hydrogen sulfide from well water.  Unfortunately, we do not have a dealer in your area to install the system and most homeowners do not care to take on the installation themselves. Chlorine bleach with Centaur carbon is also a common method to treat iron and hydrogen sulfide.  Residual chlorine levels can be tested with test strips or a kit from a pool and spa store. Please call 800-447-5582 if you have any questions.  Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: How much different is the deionized water compared to distilled water. I would think that it is purer and cleaner? We need to use it for sterilization equipment.
A: Distilled water has virtually all impurities removed from the water, both organic and inorganic.  Deionized water has all mineral ions removed but may contain non-ionic organics and is not used for drinking water.  Deionized water is typically less expensive than distilled water and is commonly used in laboratories and industrial applications.  Please check the specifics on the sterilization equipment you are using and contact the manufacturer if needed.  Aqua Systems' deionized water is available in five gallon containers for $5.35 at the express drive through locations or $7.35 delivered for three or more bottles per delivery.  A refundable $6.00 bottle deposit applies.  Please e-mail or call 800-447-5582 if you have any other questions.  Thank you!
Q: We have the following equipment: Aqua Pro 1354 AIF SIF and Aqua Pro 10x54 Softener. The unit is 1-1/2 years old. Discharge was to our septic system and tied into one of the lines in the house basement. Water started to smell and sometimes very salty about 2 months ago. Technician found a valve on the water line partially cloesd. Technician checked system and said there is back pressure on the discharge hose not allowing the ventura to operate to add air. We put te discharge out to the yard and all systems are working O.K. We were going to pipe the discharge away from the yard, a distance of ~250 feet. The beginning slopes good but the last 140 feet is level. My question is that if I install a 1-1/2" line all that way and a low place develops holding water isn't that the same as the septic problem which was a back pressure problem? I do not want to do alot of work and expense if that does not solve the problem. Also literature does not indicate the amount of water discharged when the units back flush. Thanks, Doug Montgomery
A: Hi Doug. I have sent your inquiry to dealer services to get you in touch with the dealer nearest to you.
Q: I have a water softener in my basement but I have been away from my house for 6 months. The last time I was gone so long the water looked and tasted rusty for about 2-3 weeks. Is there a treatment I can use to de-rust the water pipes quicker? Thanks for your help.
A: Hi Unfortunatly not. Any time you are away and the water sits in the pipes it will oxidize into a solid from sitting. The best thing to do when you are away is to cycle the softener as soon as you return. After the softener has cycled flush a cold water faucet and that should clear your water up pretty quick. If it is the hot water also flushing the hot water will clear it up. Or you can flush the hot water heater from the valve at the bottom of your hot water heater that will help flush it out.
Q: I have an Aqua Systems sodium chloride, carbon and reson type system that is set to recycle weekly (7 days).If I am going to be away for a month is it only necessary to put the system on by pass in order to stop the system from automatically recycling? Should I also "turn" the water off and or pull the plug on the system?
A: Hi You can by pass the system and unplug it if you would like. It depends on what model of softener that you have some have a battery back up so you may not want to unplug it. Some people do shut the water off to the house when they are going to be away for a while so if a leak or something develops while you are away it wont do much damage. If you do shut the water off you will want to turn your hot water heater off or if it is gas turn it pilot. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: I am planning to add two large aquariums to my home and I am looking for a RO water system with a holding tank for the RO water. Have you installed simialr systems before?
A: Yes, we have.  The exact system and set up will depend on the volume of water needed on a daily basis.  A large pressurized tank and a separate holding tank with a float may be needed for high volume.  Please contact me and I can direct you to a store in your area to provide more information specific to the application.  Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: I am a person that brews my own beer. In doing such, I am extremely concerned about not only contaminants, but pH and mineral levels in the bottled water. I know in a municipality you can request a water profile. I was wondering, could you tell me what the levels are in the Aqua Systems bottled water? pH, magnesium, carbonate, calcium, sulfate, sodium, chlorine, etc? I didn't want to falsely assume pH 7 and 0's for everything without asking. Thank you so much!
A: A copy of Aqua Systems' Finished Product Testing has been sent to your e-mail address.  Please contact us at 800-447-5582 if you have further questions.  Thank you!
Q: I built a new rural home with a new well about 18 months ago on my acreage. We have a water softener and an RO system. However, we have rotten egg smell, and the outside water leaves a little rust residue when sprinklers are used, etc. The water looks clear. I had one well man tell me that shock chlorinating my well wouldn't really solve my problem. Any ideas/suggestions?
A: Hello I have sent your inquiry to dealer services to get you in touch with a dealer near you. Thank you for your interest in Aqua Systems.
Q: What are your thoughts on salt-free systems? We need a compact system for a small installation location. How large a space do we need for your systems?
A: Hello With our salt free system we need about a 12" square for the system. Our system during testing will remove about 5 grains of hardness. You will still get some spotting but it does clean up easier than with hard water. If you have had a conventional salt based softener you may not be happy with the reults of a no salt system. It doesnt have the feel of soft water or many of the benefits of salt based softening. Thank you for your interest in Aqua Systems
Q: Do you do water testing? My water from my well is cloudy but then clears up. I need to know what makes it cloudy.
A:   We can test water in your home or in our store.  It is best to test the water on site directly from an outside faucet if you have silt and discoloration issues to get an accurate sample before it settles.  There is no charge for evaluating hardness, iron, pH, total dissolved solids and tannins.  Please e-mail or call if you would like to schedule an appointment.   Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day.
Q: I am pregnant and I have read that it's important that I drink water that has fluoride in it. Does the Aquasystems bottled water have flouride in it? Thanks!
A:   Aqua Systems has reverse osmosis purified water with no additives, preservatives or chemicals.  We recommend customers consult with their doctor and/or pediatrician regarding fluoride prescriptions. Please contact us at 800-447-5582 if you have other questions.  Thank you!
Q: We recently purchased a home w/ a water softener that is an Aqua Systems water softener. I cannot find an owners manuel and was wondering if there is a way to track one down. The only info I have on the unit is that it is model #5600D100TB Serial #03220949381. It was not in use at purchase and we are unsure how to operate and what type of salt should be used. Would you be able to help us track down this info? Thank you!
A:   Please see the attached manual for your water softener and the price sheet for salt pick up and delivery.  We recommend the Aqua Systems salt in the blue and white bag for city water and the RedOut in the red and white bag for well water with iron.  This salt is a pure food grade salt guaranteed not to “mush” or “bridge” in your salt tank.  You may use a pellet type salt from a grocery or discount store if our locations in Avon, Fishers and Greenwood are not convenient for you.  We also have a delivery service available and will put the salt in for you if you like.  Please call our service department at 317-272-3000 or 800-447-5582 if you have any questions.  Thank you.
Q: Does Aqua systems bottled water get rid of Sodium Fluoride?
A: Aqua Systems' bottled water is purified with reverse osmosis technology to remove virtually everything from the water, including fluoride.  Please e-mail or call 317-272-3000 if you have further questions...thank you!
Q: We have a water filtration system from Aqua System...we are remodeling our kitchen and we wondered if the spigots for the tap water come in different you one that is brushed nickel? Thank you, Jennifer Cleveland 317-908-9512
A: Aqua Systems has various faucet finishes, including brushed nickel and satin nickel in different faucet styles as well.  Please call for more information or visit one of our stores to see faucets on display.  Thank you.
Q: I have been reviewing potential new softeners. I have a culligan Mark 89 which is nearing 10 years old. I am getting a very salty taste on the mornings after regenerations. I was directed toward a product called Natursoft which is saltless. What is the difference between saltless and "standard" salt consuming softening? How much sodium is left in the water after the softening process? I have city water from Veolia. I am supplied by a main that runs out to Pittsboro.
A: The salty taste is likely due to a malfunction in the valve not allowing a complete final rinse cycle.  Running the water for a few minutes is a temporary solution. Natursoft uses a media designed to attract hardness minerals to form larger "crystals" of hardness which do not adhere to pipes and appliances.  Aqua Systems' NoScale system uses the same media and tests show a 20% decrease in hardness minerals.  The system is $499.00 and basic installation is available for $150.00.  Traditional water softeners are the only practical way for homeowners to remove all hardness minerals from water.  This is done through ion exchange using sodium chloride or potassium chloride; the amount of sodium or potassium left in the water is relative to the water hardness.  Your water would contain approximately 180-200 milligrams per quart of softened water based on your location. Bottled water or a reverse osmosis system are good options for drinking water if you are concerned about what is in the water you are consuming. Please contact us for additional information or visit our store to taste and compare water.  Thank you.     
Q: What kind of testing was done to ensure that the #7 polycarbonate that is used for your refillable water containers does not leach chemicals from the plastic into our drinking water, especially under hot conditions?
A: Data sheets have been sent to your e-mail address regarding testing of the polycarbonate resin in our bottles and the NSF Finished Product test report for 2008-2009.  Please contact us if you have further questions. Thank you.
Q: I am interested in the saltless water softener. Can you forward me some information. I am interested in purchasing this product from Aqua System. Thank you for your assistance. Susan Bennett
A: Hello Mrs. Bennett, We now have a system called Filtersorb and it is a reduced scale system.  It is similar to some of the other saltless systems however it does not use electricity.  These systems reduce scale and reduce hard water by around 20%.  These have been verified by a third party testing which many others have not.  However in stating this I need you to understand that is not  a water softener.  Water softeners remove 100% of the hardness.  Many of the water softeners we sell are very effiecient and use very little salt and water.  There are no saltless systems that completely soften water, so if you are looking for a slick feel, no spots on dishes and shower walls then you want a water softener.  If you are looking for to help a little with scale then the Filtersorb will work and save you over $800 compared to other saltless systems.  The Filtersorb is $499 for the unit with $150 for installation.  Please feel free to give me a call at 889-6829 or stop by the Greenwood office.  Thank you for your interest in Aqua Systems and have a good day. Sincerely, Dave Leathers
Q: I have a coupon for a free water cooler rental for a year with a 12-month water contract. The pricing page is a little confusing. What kinds of contracts do you have?
A: The contract is a 12 month term with approved credit. The first 12 months are rent free with the purchase of water at our Express Drive Through or delivered to your home.  Please contact the Greenwood store for additional information.  Thank you!
Q: Hello, We are going out of the country to a place whee there is a cholera threat. Do you sell Chlorine tablets for drinking water at your Avon location.
A: We carry chlorine tablets for disinfecting wells, but not for drinking water.  I have seen purification tablets and bottles on hiking and camping websites and at some outdoor stores.
Q: I have an Aqua Systems water treatment system, installed by an independent plumber, that I had a few questions about. The model number is 5600D 100STKCF (from the paperwork). I also originally asked to have a chlorine filter installed with it so he put in a dual tank (on top of the first one). What are the contents of this tank and what other elements does it remove (flouride, etc...)?
A: The top tank is filled with granular activated carbon which removes most chlorine and improves taste and odor.  It will also help with discoloration of water if that is an issue with your city water supply.  Carbon reduces dissolved organics by a small amount as well.  Fluoride and many other chemicals or contaminants in water are only removed through reverse osmosis or distillation.  Many people install a reverse osmosis system under the kitchen sink or in the basement to provide pure water for drinking, cooking and icemakers.  Others choose to use bottled water in three or five gallon containers or individual serving size bottles.