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Q: We bought a home in Northeast Grand Rapids. We have a rented water softener right now. We know we have hard water, high iron, and a sulphur smell. We would like to know our options. Thank you.
A: Hello, Aqua Systems of Grand Rapids, MI can be reached at 616-243-3131. They will be happy to test your water at no charge and discuss treatment options. Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: I am building a home and am planning on installing a SmartChoice Gen II Premium Water Softener with Carbon Filtration System as well as an Aquasana Rhino® Whole House Water Filter Item EQ-300. I tried your RO system but we did not like the taste of the water and it made my throat sore as well. I have provisioned to place the SmartChoice and Aquasana in my utility room. I have 2 underslab Pex lines, one going from the utility room to under the kitchen sink and the other one going from the same utility room location to behind the frig. I am looking for your recommendation as to how best to hook them up. Should incoming water go through the softener first and then the water filter or visa versa. We are on city water and want to remove chlorine throughout the home.
A: Hi Dan If sodium is not a concern I would run those locations thru the softener and filter first just to keep from the hard water buildup at those locations. Please let us know if we can help. Thanks Dan
Q: My WCC 100 iron filter backwashes, rinses, etc. every other day. This process takes roughly 1hr 45minutes. Does this sound typical? How much water is typically used for this process and what if I reduce the frequency of the backwash to every 3 days?
A: The iron filter uses 65 to 80 gallons of water during the regeneration cycle which is about 1 hour 45 minutes.  The pump will run based on the pressure tank settings and amount of water drawn. You may reduce the frequency to every 3, 4 or 6 days depending on the amount of iron in the water and your family size. We can test the raw well water and also hot and cold water from a bathroom to determine settings and how well it is performing.   We now build chemical-free iron filter systems which do not require potassium permanganate if you are interested in new equipment. Please call 317-272-3000 if you have any questions. Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: We are new owners of our home (about 6months)and now the water is now a rusty color. I'm sure there's a simple solution however we don't have the owners manual.
A: Hello, Please go to our website and under Product services and then manuals.  You will need to know your model and then you can print off the pages that you need.  Feel free to call us or bring samples by the Avon store if you need more information.  Our phone number is 317-272-3000.  Thank you.
Q: I had a well put in in 2008. auqa Systems put in an extensive water system, including a whole house filter, an iron filter, and a softner. My well contains a lot of iron. Recently, I've been noticing that my water pressure is down, when I run water in the barn, I have no water in the house. Also, I have been seeing water on the floor around the iron filter. No everyday but on a few occasions. Is my iron filter full? or does the system need flushed out in someway?
A: Hello, It is possible that your filter bed is clogged with iron.  The Eradicator iron filter system has easily exchangeable components to avoid the need to purchase a brand new system.  Please call the Service Department at 317-272-3000 for help trouble shooting and/or to schedule a service appointment.  Thank you.
Q: Recently we had Ben Franklin plumbing to our home. Same person had been there couple of years ago when we were having problem with foul smell from water. We live on Eagle Creek & have a well. Had someone from your company out and also someone to take out the Magnesium piece to our water heater. Had the well treated with bleach ect. Unfortunately, the smell has actually gotten stronger. The plumber said to ask you if you had something to offer for a continuous feed of bleach in the line? Sherri Kehoe
A: Hi Sherri We do have chlorine injection systems and we also carry Iron filters that will take of Sulphur odors and iron also. I would suggest an Iron filter since there is no maintenance on the iron filters and there is a lot of maintenece on a chlorine injection system. We would need to stop by and test your water to see what system would work best. Thanks Sherri. Please let us know if we can help
Q: Do you sell electronic spin down sediment filters?
A:   Aqua Systems sells Rusco spin down sediment filters.  They are not electronic.  They are available in ¾” to 2” and range from $79.95 to $185.00 including screen, housing and blow down valve.  Please e-mail, call or stop in for more information.  Thank you,
Q: Do you need both a sulfur and iron eradicator to control stains and odor?
A: Hi It depends on your water conditions but you would only need one Eradicator for both problems. We can build the Eradicator to take care of your specific water needs for Iron and Sulphur with one unit. We would need to test your raw water at your home to determine which system you would need. We need to test your water onsite because Sulphur is a gas and will dissipate if you bring in a sample. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: I am needing a water softener, but i also have a lot of rust in my water as well. What would you recommend for this?
A: Hi  If you have a lot of iron, I would recommend our Eradicator iron filter. It will help with iron and sulphur. I will have one our representatives contact you to test your water and recommend treatment. Thank you for your interest in Aqua Systems
Q: Does your system deliver 94% pure water? How many part filtration system is the Resin tank?
A:   Aqua Systems’ reverse osmosis systems have an average reduction rate of 94%.  Please see the attached data sheet on the PureChoice model for specific removal rates as they vary from 78% to 99% per contaminant.  Resin tanks are used for whole house water treatment and can be filled with different types of media depending on what you want to remove from the water.  We have one and two chamber exchangeable component systems and can custom build units for a variety of water treatment options.  We also offer whole house ultra-filtration systems.  Please e-mail, call or stop in for more information to address your specific concerns.  Thanks for your inquiry and have a nice day.
Q: There was an offer at the Monon Community Center and I had four tests done on my softened drinking water. Now I am wondering how the results would differ on coliforms, floride, nitrates, some of the metals, and the salt if I had had the tests done on the untreated well water. What exactly does an Aqua Systems water softener remove, and how much sodium does it add?
A: Hi A water softener is designed to remove hardness minerals from your water lime and calcium. In order to remove Flouride, Nitrates, Metals and sodium and Bacteria you would need to consider a Reverse Osmosis drinking system for your home for pure drinking and cooking water. A water softener does add a small amount of sodium to the water. It takes 2 sodium ions to replace 1 hardness ion so if your water is 20 grains hard a softener will add 40 grains of sodium back to the water which is a very small amount of sodium. Please let us know if we can help
Q: does the resin in my softner or my iron filter ever need to be replaced
A: Hi The resin in your softener will normally last 10 to 15 years. The Iron filter bed will normally need to be replaced around 5 to 10 years depending on your water conditions. Please let us know if we can help
Q: what does the code d mean when my iron filter is regening
A: Hi Code D means your Iron filter is in the Draw cycle drawing air into the system. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: Does your aqua system remove tannins from water?
A: Hello sir, Aqua Systems carries specific tannin resin water softeners.  Please feel free to contact the Greenwood store @ 317-889-6829 for more details and to test the amounts of tannins in your water.  Thank you and have a good day.
Q: The packages say that you get one in-home filter replacement. How often do the filters in your water softeners need to be changed?
A: Hello,  Thank you for your question.  The package includes a reverse osmosis drinking system which the prefilter and postfilter are changed on an annual basis.  The water softener does not contain any filters to change.  Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.  Have a nice day.
Q: how do I know when I need to change charcoal filter in my system
A: Hi If it is for a drinking system we suggest changing the filters once a year. If it treating everything in your home it would depend on how many people live in your home and the chlorine content of your water as to how often it needs to be changed. If it is treating the whole house you can get a chlorine test kit and test the chlorine in your water to see if the carbon needs to be replaced. Please let us know if we can help
Q: How often do I really need to change my AQPC-35 post and pre filters. I know the book says every 6 to 12 months but since there are only two of us I wondered if that was for a family of 4. etc. What will the cost be for the post and pre filterss Thanks
A: The pre and post filters should be changed once per year if fed with soft water or every six months if fed with hard water.  The cost for both filters is $24 - $45 depending on the model you have.  Please contact the service department at 317-272-3000 for more information.  Thanks for your inquiry!
Q: Will a softener remove the rotten egg smell from my water?
A: Hi A softener alone will not remove the sulphur from your well. We do carry filteration systems that will remove the sulphur from the water though. If the smell is in the hot water only, the anode rod in the hot water can be removed or replaced and that should take care of the odor. Please let us know if we can help
Q: We have a well. What is the best system to really work thru the harshness of well water both for drinking and laundry etc. Thanks Cyndi
A: Hello,  A water softener will remove hardness minerals and fair amount of iron from all of the household water.  Sometimes an iron filter is required for extreme iron and/or sulfur odor in well water.  A reverse osmosis system will purify water for drinking, cooking and icemakers.  I have attached price and data sheets for some of our systems and would suggest we test the well water before recommending a specific treatment package.  We can test the water in our store or in your home, whichever you prefer.  Please e-mail or call for more information.  Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day!
Q: What options are available for whole house water filtration? We just moved to a new house on a well and the water is unacceptable for color and smell.
A: Hi It depends on if the odor is in the hot and cold or just the hot water. We do carry chemical free Iron filters that will take care of Iron and Sulphur. We would really need to test your water so we could recommend treatment equipment. Please let us know if we can help
Q: my system goes to a trickle after filling up one large cup of water. what are the steps to remove air from the bladder? (I'm assuming that's the problem)
A: Hi The best way is to leave your drinking faucet open. When it slows down to a trickle pump air into the tank until the water flows from the faucet at a pretty good pace. When it slows down pump more air into the tank. You may have to do this several times to get all the water blown out of the tank. When the tank is completely empty leave 8 to 10lbs of air in the tank and allow it to re-fill. It will take 3 to 4 hours to re-fill the tank and you should be all set. Please let us know if we can help
Q: How should I go about a solution to my sulfide (rotten egg smell) problem. I have already tried a whole house carbon filter. I also have bleached my well three times, each only lasting a couple of weeks before the smell returns. I had a water test awhile back and coliform was present. what next?
A: Aqua Systems has chemical-free solutions for sulfur and iron in water.  Ultraviolet light or chlorination can be used to kill bacteria. We can test your water on-site to determine the proper treatment for the sulfur issue.  Please call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment for a free in-home evaluation. Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day.
Q: we have well water that was tested and came back high iron content. What do you suggest we would need to remedy the problem? This is a potential home to buy. The seller has a reverse osmosis system in it already, just wondering what we should do? Suzanne
A: Hi If you could let us know what area you live in we can get you in touch with the dealer nearest to you. Thank you for your interest in Aqua Systems
Q: we have a water unit at our company that filters hot and cold water, we are in need of filter, the unit is from champ design company model # pwc3000-do you have a filter that might fit our unit
A: Hi If could take the filters off and bring them into one of stores we would be happy to try and match them to a filter we carry. Or if you would like us to send a service tech to your business to check the filters Please call our service dept at 1-800-447-5582. Please let us know if we can help
Q: I have an aqua system softner that has been in my home for 15years. I have developed an awful rust problem with my water. A neighbor states that her rust has gotten better with a iron filter water softner. Is this something that can be added to an exiting softner. Or does the whole system have to be replaced
A: Hi An Iron filter is separate from the softener so it can be added anytime. If you would like more information Please call one of stores and we would be happy to discuss options or we can have someone stop by your home to test the water and suggest treatment options. Thank You and please let us know if we can help
Q: What is the difference between the "stack" iron filter and the 1354 system?
A: Hello, The 1354 is a larger single tank system with more media.  It is recommended for iron and sulfur.  We are now only using the stack systems for sulfur only with no iron.  Thank you for the inquiry.  
Q: I moved a model number WS1T100IF, Serial Number 061611182958. I am not sure I still have all the parts and don't have a manual. Where can I get a manual so I can install it in my new home?
A: Hi Chris You can get a copy of the owners manual from our website under products and services. Please let us know if we help.
Q: We built our house in the country 14 years ago, and of course, we have a water softener. Over time, we have noticed more and more problems with rust staining everything from our toilets and sinks to our dishes and (especially!) my hair. About a year ago I talked to a well-driller about the problem, and he told me that softeners don't remove rust (most people apparently don't know this), and he said don't be afraid to use plenty of "Iron Out" in the softener. After trying that, my husband discovered his skin couldn't tolerate the "Iron Out". I only recently heard about iron filters. How do they work and are they effective?
A: Hello and thank you for contacting us.  Water softeners do remove iron from water, but only to a specific amount. Typically it is up to 3 ppm.  Over 3 ppm (or with other difficult forms of iron) an iron filter is needed to remove the rust first before it gets to the softener.  We offer chemical free iron filters (eradicators) that will remove 100% of iron from your water.  With the Eradicator you will no longer need to use harsh chemical with your water softener.  Please call me at 260-483-3963 and I will be happy to explain how they work, and how to direct you in getting your water tested for free, so we know the amounts of rust/iron in your water. Thanks, Steve Crane
Q: w have a Mn iron system from Aqua Systems What are our alternative options
A: Hi We do carry air injected iron filters that use no chemicals just air to oxidize iron and sulphur. If you would like more information you can visit our website at or you are welcome to contact any of our stores for more information. Please let us know if we can help
Q: What would it cost for a whole house filtration system. We live in Fishers and house is 5 years old. I have Aqua softerner in the Garage. Thanks Dan
A: Hi Dan We can do whole house carbon filtration or under the sink Reverse Osmosis systems. If you would like to give me a call at 594-0644 we would be happy to discuss treatment options.
Q: Hello, We live in Pittsboro and have a well and a GE Profile Performance Smart Water Softening System. Our house was built in 2000 and we've lived in it for 3 1/2 years. Lately, our water has started to have a different smell and taste. Areas that have standing water (like toilet bowls) have turned very yellow/red, I'm guessing from iron, but this has only started to happen recently. Our water softener seems to be working and has plenty of salt in it. Any suggestions? Thanks, Leslie Thompson
A: Hi Leslie, You could have hard water and or bacterial iron.  Where water sits in toilet bowls and is oxidized it can leave staining.  The best thing for you to do is to take a hot and cold water sample from the bathroom faucet and take it into our Avon store to have the water tested to see if the water softener is working.  My guess is that it is not working properly.  We can give you better recommendations after testing the water.  Please give us a call if you have any other questions.  Thank you for your inquiry.  The store hours are M-F 8:00-6:00 and Saturday 8:00-2:00.  Phone number is 317-272-3000.  Thank you and have a good day.
Q: I have an Aqua Systems softener on a well and constantly fight the iron/sulfur issues. It seems my best action so far is to chlorine shock my entire water system which results in 4-6 months of improved conditions before I need to do it again. I want to consider adding an RO system for drinking water and ice making but I'm concerned that the bacteria will populate the RO membrane and fixture making it just another problem area to "shock". I'm also concerned about appropriate pressure for proper RO membrane function. Any suggestions?
A: Hi, Bryan - We can certainly address the water issues you've outlined above.  If you're tired of chlorinating your well, and are seeking a permanent solution, take a look at our "Eradicator"  chemical free iron and sulfur filter: This system is very effective at eliminating iron and sulfur smell from your water. Regarding your questions about reverse osmosis:  If your well water is free of harmful bacteria such as coliform and e. coli,  a reverse osmosis system should perform fine on a well with average pressure (40-60 psi...) Here is a link to the owners manual for our "Pure Choice" reverse osmosis system: Note that the manual states the following:  "Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality, without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Systems certified for cyst reduction may be used on disinfected water that may contain filterable cysts." Please look over the information, and feel free to call me if you would like to discuss our products, or if you would like to schedule a time for me to come out and test your raw water. Thank you, Todd Buckley
Q: Do you guys sell a POE system using KDF?
A: We do sell systems which are point of entry as well as include KDF media. I am not certain of your application or what you would like to do with it, however, we do have systems which incorporate KDF.   Pat
Q: Hi my name is, Brandon, and I am renting a house in central Indiana and my daughter has eczema and I know that chlorine is hard on normal skin so it will be worse for her. So I was wondering if you had a bath water faucet filter or could possibly tell me someone who may have it close because I am not one who likes to order things online. I am not having any luck thus far so if you could be of some help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Brandon
A: Hi Brandon I'm sorry but we do not carry filters for shower heads or faucets. We do carry a softener with carbon in the top tank to remove chlorine if that interests you at all. Shower filters can normally be found at Wal-mart or Lowes to remove chlorine. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: Does Aqua Systems provide water filters for refridgerators?
A: Hi Christy If the filter came as part of your refridgerator we dont carry those filters. If the filter was added later in your water line but not part of your refridgerator we do carry those filters. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: Our water has alot of sand and is brown in color we have an aqua systems softener and it does not seem to be doing the job correctly. What can we do to solve this problem?
A:  The sand and discolored water may be more than a water softener alone can take care of or the softener may need serviced.  A sediment or screen filter may be used for the sand or perhaps your well pump can be raised to avoid drawing it into the system.  The discoloration may be from the sediment, iron or tannins in the water.  We would like to test the well water before it goes through the softener and hot and cold water after the softener to better evaluate the your water.  Please e-mail or call us for someone to come to your home or for more information on collecting samples for us to test in our store.  We look forward to helping resolve your problem water issues.  Thanks for your inquiry and have a nice day.
Q: How many ppm of sulphur can the eradicator handle?
A: The Eradicator has been tested in some markets where it has been successfully removing 66 ppm of sulfur for several years without replacing the media bed. However, water chemistry varies from one supply and area to another. Therefore, you should not take a blanket approach to how much sulfur can be removed as the unique chemistry of any given water supply may inhibit or expand the ability of the filter. Rely on your local dealer for specifics on the water and sulfur reduction in your area.   Pat
Q: Do you have a system the will remove e-coli in a well system
A: Hello we use Chlorination or Ultra Violet light to kill bacteria. If you would like someone to stop by and take a look at what you have there just give us a call and we would be happy to send someone out to take a look and recommend treatment. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: Hi...........we are just starting to build a home on Heritage Lake. Our water will have to come from a well which worries us. What do you recommend we do? We'd like to be able to make all the water as good as possible, not just the drinking water.....Thanks...TIm
A: Hi Tim We have done a lot of work in that area and some of the water is not that bad but some of the wells in that area are pretty rough water. After your well is drilled and we have access to a water supply we would be happy to stop by and test the water and recommend treatment depending on how your water tests. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: I have an Aqua Systems Series 9000 System installed in my house from a distributor who is no longer in business. I have had the system for over ten years. It still runs but I don't know if it is doing any good. Should I have the resin replaced. There is also a second tank filled with (carbon or charcoal)? What is the useful life of this system? What are my options for refreshing, or replacing it if it is beyond useful life? You can call me if that is easier than emailing. Cell phone 267-980-5273. Thank you. -- Jim Suyo
A: Hi Jim The resin in your softener will normally last about 12 to 20 years depending on your chlorine content. The carbon will last about 3 to 5 years depending on the chlorine content of your water and how many people live in your home. The carbon can just be replaced. Remove the old carbon and refill with new carbon. You can also have your water tested to see if it is still soft and also the chlorine content to see if the carbon is exhausted. Please let us know if we can help
Q: Wil the eradicator remove iron bacteria? How about coliform? What type of media does it use? How often does the media need to be replaced?
A: Hello The eradicator will not remove Iron bacteria or Coliform. They are both a living bacteria so it has to be killed before it can be removed. Chlorination or Ultra violet light is the best solution for both bacterias. The media we use depends on your particular water conditions. We can configure the beds several different ways depending on your water conditions and your water conditions also depend on how long the media will last. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: What is the best way to get rid of iron and hydrogen sulfide? Someone has recommended a filter with Calgon Centaur carbon media, but it uses bleach. How can we be assured that the cloride doesn't go through?
A: Aqua Systems Chemical-Free Eradicator system removes iron and hydrogen sulfide from well water.  Unfortunately, we do not have a dealer in your area to install the system and most homeowners do not care to take on the installation themselves. Chlorine bleach with Centaur carbon is also a common method to treat iron and hydrogen sulfide.  Residual chlorine levels can be tested with test strips or a kit from a pool and spa store. Please call 800-447-5582 if you have any questions.  Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: I had a supply house quote me on some 3/8" carbon filters houseing with carbon filters. I need to put one on the hot and one on the cold for the lav faucet. Is there a difference in the housings and or the carbon filters if they are to be used with hot water?
A: Our standard 3/8 housing is rated at 120 degrees and so are the carbon filters. We do carry a 3/4 housing that is rated at 150 degrees. Please let me know if I can help.
Q: I have an aqua water system and it seems to be cycling however my water still smells "rusty" and has a sulphur smell. What could be causing this issue?
A: Some wells have too much iron and/or hydrogen sulfide for a water softener alone to handle and require additional filtration.  We can test your water at your home or in our store to determine if your current system is working or not and if more equipment is recommended.  We would like to test unconditioned water from the well and hot and cold water from a bathroom after going through the system.  Please e-mail or call if you have any questions...thank you!
Q: I see multiple filtration units under your "Problem Water Systems". Do you test water to tell which system would be best pre softener?
A: Yes, we would test your well water to determine what should be removed such as iron, tannins, sediment, etc.  Please call 800-447-5582 to schedule an appointment or for details on bringing water to one of our store locations for testing.  Thank you.
Q: I will probably buy a new water softener. The local dealer recommends a Smart Choice Gen II, and it sounds good. He also recommended using something called a "pre-filter". What is that and what good does it do? Thanks in advance. Robert Hupke
A: Hi Robert A pre filter will catch anything that is solid in your water. For instance sand or silt. It will help protect the softener from matter from getting to the softener
Q: I have been looking at the web site looking for a filter for a water softner the filter type is A13310 just need to know if they will have them in the store or if I have to order them and wait I just moved in to a rental and it looks like the filter has never been changed on this thing... please let me know what I should do
A: Please bring the filter cartridge to our store at 7785 E US Hwy 36 in Avon and we will attempt to match it with a comparable filter.  The most common filter for the whole house is a string wound filter to remove sediment and it is a regular stock item.  Our business hours are 8am-6pm Monday through Friday and 8am-2pm on Saturday.  Please contact our service department at 317-272-3000 for further assistance.  Thank you.