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Q: We just moved to Fresno, CA from Indianapolis where we enjoyed our Aqua Systmes water softener and RO system. We had to sell that system with our home. We are in need of a softener in our new home. Do you ship softeners (which we would install ourselves)?
A: Hello, I am sorry but we are not allowed to ship to the state of California.  There are many laws and regulations that forbid this.  I apologize that we could not help in this area.  Thank you for your buisness.
Q: Does your bottled water (five gallon size)have flouride in it? If so, can you please provide an amount?
A:   Aqua Systems’ bottled water does not contain fluoride.  It is purified by reverse osmosis and contains no additives.  Please see the test results attached and e-mail or call if you have any questions.    Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: Could you please give me an idea of the ph level of your bottled water?
A: Hi The P.H. of our bottled water is at the last test was 5.4. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: My ro system is producing a very thin stream of water and after about 4 cups, no water at all. I have replaced the cartridges within the last 90 days so I'm pretty sure it's the tank. A few years ago I had to put air in it, like a bike tire, to a certain psi but I can't remember what that magic number is or what the procedure is for valves open vs closed, tap on or off, that sort of thing. Thank you!
A:   REPRESSURIZING R/O HOLDING TANKS  1.  Shut off feed water to system.  2.  Open (flip up) lever on R/O faucet.  3.  Apply air (using bicycle pump, air tank, or air compressor) to holding tank at air valve.  4.  Water will flow out of faucet.  Stop applying air when water flow stops.  5.  Check air pressure with low air pressure gauge.  Correct pressure is 7-9 lbs.  6.  Shut off lever at faucet and turn on feed water to system.  7.  Allow tank to re-fill water. If problem continues after following these steps, call (317) 272-3000 or 800-447-5582 for further assistance.
Q: we changed the thermostat to make cold water colder; now only the hot water spigot works; what should we do?
A: Hi If you are not getting any water from the cold side at all it is probably frozen. Turn the thermostat down a little and unplug the cooler and allow it to thaw and you should be all set. Please let us know if we can help
Q: Where can I find the quality report to your bottled drinking water for the St. Louis location. I also saw online that you are a distributer of mountain valley spring water, is this true?
A: Hello,  Please see the attached reports for Aqua Systems and Diamond Distilled bottled water.  We are also a distributor for Mountain Valley Spring water.  Please see the attached price sheet and e-mail or call for more information and pick-up or delivery options.  Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day.
Q: is floride removed or added to your bottled water?
A: Fluoride is removed in the reverse osmosis process.  Aqua Systems does not add anything to the water after purification. I have attached the NSF product testing report. Please e-mail or call if you have other questions.  Thanks for your inquiry and have a nice day.
Q: Is your water flouridated?
A:   Aqua Systems’ water is not fluoridated.  It is purified by reverse osmosis and has nothing added.  Please see the product testing report attached for more details.  Thanks for your inquiry and have a nice day.
Q: I changed the filters in my reverse osmosis system and now my ice maker is not getting any water. Is the line clogged maybe and what can i do?
A:   The icemaker arm should have been raised and/or the feed line shut off during the filter change and tank re-fill to avoid the icemaker line freezing.  Please check to make sure the line to the icemaker is not shut off and that the icemaker arm is lowered.  Another possibility is that your tank needs to be re-pressurized.  I have attached instructions for this procedure.  Please call our Service Department at 317-272-3000 if these suggestions do not resolve the issue or if you have further questions. Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day!
Q: We have an aqua dispenser.Do you deliver bottled water, lets say once in every 15 days. We will need 5 Bottles every 15 days.
A: Yes, we deliver 5 gallon bottles of water for $6.45 each plus $6.00 each refundable bottle deposit if you do not have Aqua Systems’ empty bottles.  We deliver on scheduled routes according to zip code.  Please e-mail or call 317-272-3000 for more information or to arrange delivery.   Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day!
Q: Hello, just a quick. What is the water hardness in mg/L of the large drinking water containers you deliver?
A:   The hardness is zero.  The water is purified through reverse osmosis and virtually everything is removed except H2O.  Please e-mail or call 317-889-6829 if you have any other questions.  Thanks for your inquiry!
Q: Does the reverse osmosis system replace the bottled water? Also, if I purchased an water softening system do I also need an reverse osmosis system to obtain the equivalent of bottled water?
A: Hi The R/O does replace bottled water. You would need an R/O with a softener if you would like bottled water quality water. The softener removes the lime and calcium from the water and Iron if you are on a well but a softener does add a small amount of sodium to the water. The R/O will remove about 98% of anything that is in your water for bottled water quality water. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: Do you sell water coolers that can be hooked up to a reverse osmosis system that we have? We would want the unit with the cold and hot reservoirs.
A: Thank you for contacting us for your water needs.  Yes, we do offer water coolers that hook up to reverse osmosis.  They are called Point of Use coolers(POU).  POU coolers come in cook and cold models and also hot and cold models.  We have these available to purchase, rent, and rent w/ option to buy.  Please contact our local Fort Wayne store for prices or questions.  We can be reached at 260-483-3963. Thanks, Steven Crane
Q: Do I have to be home for a 5 gallon drinking water delivery?
A: Hi You do not have to be home to have water delivered. Just let us know where the empty bottles will be and where to leave the full bottles. Please let us know if we can help.
Q: have aqua system need to order filters carbon cartridge part # s7125 sediment/carbonprefilter part# s7128 and ro filter s1448rs
A: Hi I have sent your inquiry to dealer services to get you in touch with the dealer nearest to you.
Q: Good morning. We just returned from staying at family who had a water cooler system. It was wonderful and we want to explore that option. However, space is tight and the systems seem very wide. Are their other options?
A: Aqua Systems has under-sink reverse osmosis purifiers and counter top bottled water dispensers.  Under sink purifiers can also provide pure water to your refrigerator if it is accesible.  We have sent more options and pricing directly to your e-mail address.  Please call 317-594-0644 or visit our store at 11345 Allisonville Road for more information.  Thanks for your inquiry!
Q: I am pregnant and I have read that it's important that I drink water that has fluoride in it. Does the Aquasystems bottled water have flouride in it? Thanks!
A:   Aqua Systems has reverse osmosis purified water with no additives, preservatives or chemicals.  We recommend customers consult with their doctor and/or pediatrician regarding fluoride prescriptions. Please contact us at 800-447-5582 if you have other questions.  Thank you!