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I have one of your Reverse Osmosis systems. When following the instructions provided from the office that came with my new pre/post filters along with the 0.25 ounces sanitizing solution I noticed that Step 5 indicates to shut off tank, Step 6 has you remove the filters from the housings, Step 7 you add the sanitizing solution to the housing/put housings back on system, Step 8 has you turn on main feed for 10 min, and Step 9 asks you to open drinking water faucet to drain tank. My confusion is that Step 9 indicates to drain tank, but it is already empty because you drained it before turning it off in Step 5 and you never instruct to turn it back on at any point during the sanitation process. Is there a step missing that should indicate to open the holding tank back up while the sanitizing solution is in the system to allow it to fill with the solution and then drain it on Step 9? Even through the final Step 13 on the sheet there is never any mention to turn the tank back on. My interpretation of the instructions was that you are to turn the holding tank on while the sanitizing solution is in the system and then drain the tank on Step 9 followed by draining the tank 2 more times after the indicated 2-3 hour fill. I want to confirm I have interpreted the instructions correctly as the sanitizing solution provided indicates it is very potent and can be fatal if swallowed. I want to insure there is no sanitizing solution remaining in the holding tank. In addition I have tried to compare the instructions I received with the filters to that of the manual here on your site and the instructions that were provided last year in which at that time bleach was used rather than the sanitizing packet. However, they all differ slightly and are not clear in terms of how to care for the holding tank. Thank you.


Hello, The standard procedure is to empty the tank at the r/o faucet then shut the tank off when you are removing filters and adding the sanitizer. Once the sanitizer is added and the empty canisters are screwed back on you then turn the feed onto the system and turn the tank back on so the whole system including the tank is filled with the water and sanitizer. I would then flush the system out until the water "clears". I would then wait a few minutes and flush the system again until the water "clears. At home I do this flush 2-3 times. Once I feel the sanitizer is flushed out I will add the filters, let the storage tank fill with clean water and then flush the system again several times. In my opinion the more the better when it comes to flushing. I hope this helps. If you have ay more questions please call our service department at 1-800-447-5582. Thanks, Steven Crane


We just moved to Fresno, CA from Indianapolis where we enjoyed our Aqua Systmes water softener and RO system. We had to sell that system with our home. We are in need of a softener in our new home. Do you ship softeners (which we would install ourselves)?



I am sorry but we are not allowed to ship to the state of California.  There are many laws and regulations that forbid this.  I apologize that we could not help in this area.  Thank you for your buisness.


I got a quick question. I just tested my water softener and got a 1 gpg which after research show that it's slight hard but much better than my 7pgp before installation. The setting for hardiness of 7 was program on the system. How do I decrease my water softener to less than 1 gpg or 0? Do i lower or higher the hardiness number on the system? Thanks you.


Your local Aqua Systems in Houston, TX can be reached at 281-469-9227. They will be able to
help with any questions you have about the unit and water quality.

Thank you for contacting us.