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We just moved to Fresno, CA from Indianapolis where we enjoyed our Aqua Systmes water softener and RO system. We had to sell that system with our home. We are in need of a softener in our new home. Do you ship softeners (which we would install ourselves)?



I am sorry but we are not allowed to ship to the state of California.  There are many laws and regulations that forbid this.  I apologize that we could not help in this area.  Thank you for your buisness.


I got a quick question. I just tested my water softener and got a 1 gpg which after research show that it's slight hard but much better than my 7pgp before installation. The setting for hardiness of 7 was program on the system. How do I decrease my water softener to less than 1 gpg or 0? Do i lower or higher the hardiness number on the system? Thanks you.


Your local Aqua Systems in Houston, TX can be reached at 281-469-9227. They will be able to
help with any questions you have about the unit and water quality.

Thank you for contacting us.


I have a model sc100tb water softner that was purchased from the Avon location. I just noticed yesterday that the power supply plug where it goes into the wall has broken apart. The wires are all attached the housing has come apart and will not stay together. Is there a way for it to be repaired or replaced?


Hello yes you can just replace the transformer.  Please call our service department at 317-272-3000 or stop by our store in Avon to show you how to replace it.  Thank you for the inquiry and have a great day.