Softener Salt

Water Softener Salt

Aqua Systems premium salt cubes are recommended and sold exclusively at Aqua Systems or by your Aqua Systems professional water conditioner dealer. Aqua Systems premium salt cubes feature:

  • Assurance of quality – known as the standard of excellence for water softener salt.
  • Made from high purity salt – typically 99.8 % pure.
  • Compacted for extra hardness – will not break down in your brine tank.
  • Virtually ends brine tank clean-outs – no need to worry about insolubles that can accumulate as sludge in your tank.
  • Recommended for peak performance of your Aqua Systems water softener but can be used with any softener, with or without grid plates.
  • Available in multiple sizes and brands that vary by location.

Aqua Systems Red Out premium salt cubes, with an iron fighting additive, are available for well water customers with iron problems.

Customers who prefer solar salt or a sodium free salt (potassium based), it is available at select locations.

* Please check price chart for availability (this may differ per location).


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