Premium Bottled Water

Aqua Systems now offers choices for your drinking water needs at its store and pick-up locations.

Aqua Systems drinking water is packaged under the strict guidelines of the International Bottled Water Association*. Our extensive analysis assures you consistent quality in every drop of our water.

Multiple Stage Purification Process

Aqua Systems high purity water is attained through a multiple stage process.

Reverse Osmosis removes dissolved salts, heavy metals and other contaminants in the ion form leaving only the H2O.

Carbon Filtration is utilized in two phases before and after reverse osmosis. The first phase, “Pre Carbon Filtration,” removes chlorine and other organics including THM compounds created by chlorine. The second phase, “Post Carbon Filtration,” is a final polish that gives Aqua Systems its great taste.

Ozonation is the final process to sterilize the water. Ozone O3 is made by exposing air to high voltage electricity. This changes the O2 in the air to O3. (In nature, Ozone is created by lighting which gives the air outdoors its freshness just after a storm.) The Ozone escapes when the cap is removed by changing back to O2. Ozone is recognized as one of the most powerful germicidal agents for disinfection and is used in all quality bottled water products.

The Bottling Process

Aqua Systems drinking water is bottled in a custom built plant with the latest technology. The product water is thoroughly protected to maintain its purity. Returnable bottles are inspected, washed and sanitized before being filled with Aqua Systems drinking water.

Why Returnable Bottles?

The returnable bottles are made of special material called polycarbonate. These bottles are very expensive but are used because the material will not leach any plastic by-products into the water.

The use of returnable bottles is environmentally sound. Land fills are being loaded with tremendous levels of plastic bottles that may never break down in the soil. Using returnable bottles reduces this problem and it’s one step toward solving the land fill crisis. After the returnable bottles reach the end of their useful life they are collected and recycled.

*International Bottled Water Association – Excellence in manufacturing Award Winner for Over 15 Years!


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