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Better water for your home. Easy on your appliances, pipes and you.

Series 4000

Constructed of non-corrosive Noryl

Separate salt tank

Time or Meter valve choice

Regular Price $ 699
$ 599

Smart Choice II HE

High efficiency.

Smart technology.

Installation included.

WiFi Connectivity Available

7-year warranty.

Regular Price $ 1,799
$ 1,699

SmartChoice II

Smart technology.

Installation included.

WiFi Connectivity Available

7-year warranty.

Regular Price $ 1,699
$ 1,599

SmartChoice II City

Removes chlorine and other chemicals before they enter your home

Neutralizes unpleasant odors and discoloration of water

Reduces the drying effects of chlorine for healthier skin and hair

Keeps clothes softer, brighter, and more colorful

Eliminates chlorine corrosion of fixtures and appliances

Improves air quality by preventing the release of harmful chemical vapor into your home Exclusive interchangeable components allow for easy service and carbon exchange

Regular Price $ 2,099
$ 1,999
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Recommended sizing


1.0 Cubic feet | 32,000 grain

Municipal Water
Homes with 1-2 people
Low Iron Well Water


1.5 Cubic feet | 52,000 grain

Municipal Water
Homes with 5-6 people
Medium Iron Well Water

Extra Large

2.0 Cubic feet | 72,000 grain

Municipal Water
Homes with 7+ people
High Iron Well Water
How is hard water costing you money?
Hard water can be more than a nuisance. Discover the hidden costs of
hard water by downloading our PDF guide.

The last softener you'll ever need to buy.


Energy efficient systems with a simple, modular design and swappable parts that are easy to replace. Made in the USA.


With our modular design, every part is removable and replaceable. Maintenance is easy, and you'll never need to replace the whole system.


Our SmartChoice softeners feature lifetime exchange and industry-leading warranties on all parts, including the control valve and tanks.

Modular design

Our exclusive exchangeable parts system makes our SmartChoice Water Softener the last softener you will ever need to buy.

Each part is removable, making it easy to clean and maintain. If a part breaks, you don't need to replace the whole softener. Just bring it to us and we'll exchange it.

Wondering how hard your water is? We'll test it for free.

Soft water just got easier.

Sends email notifications when the softener needs attention
  • Monitors usage and real-time stats
  • Sends alerts for low salt and service issues
  • Connects with our service department when maintenance is needed
  • Available option on SmartChoice family of softeners

Upgrade to a whole house system

Give your family the highest standard of safe drinking water. Order a reverse osmosis system and a water softener together for a discounted price. Perfect water for your whole home.