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Easy maintenance, simple design, smart technology. SmartChoice water softeners give you peace of mind over your household water.

Modular design

Our exclusive exchangeable parts system makes our SmartChoice Water Softener the last softener you will ever need to buy.

Each part is removable, making it easy to clean and maintain. If a part breaks, you don't need to replace the whole softener. Just bring it to us and we'll exchange it.

How it works

The SmartChoice water softener removes hardness minerals and makes your water easier on your home's pipes, appliances and you.

RESIN TANK This is where water is softened. Water enters the resin tank filled with beads that soften water as you use it. When you turn on the tap, water passes through, and hardness is exchanged with sodium, and put back into your tap.
BRINE TANK Salt and water is stored in the brine system. Salt dissolves in the water to create a cleaning solution called brine. When more brine is needed in the resin tank, it is pulled out of the brine tank and transferred to the resin tank. This is called "regeneration."
SMART CONTROL VALVE The control valve routes the water through the system and controls how much brine is in the resin tank, and regenerates when needed. The Aqua Systems smart control valve learns your water usage, alerts you when more salt is needed, and pops off for easy maintenance.

Smart Control Valve

The control valve is the most important part of your water softener. It's also the part that breaks the most often. We've combined years of research and technology advancements to engineer the perfect valve for better household water.


The Smart Control Valve learns your water usage over time, ensuring that your softener only regenerates when you need it to.


Water softening is based on your water usage. (and, salt and water usage is minimized by our High-efficiency technology)


Easily remove the control valve without any tools, and bring to your Aqua Systems store for maintenance questions.


The control valve runs diagnostics on the system and beeps when it's time to add salt to the brine tank, or if system maintenance is needed.

Salt pick-up and delivery

Pick up your salt and pay from your car at our salt drive-thru at every Aqua Systems location. Or, have salt delivered to your home.

Better water for your home

Silky hair. Bouncy towels. Spotless dishes. Efficient appliances. Enjoy clean water that's safe for your home and healthy for your family.

Easy to buy

Clear pricing, relaxed process, no commissions. We're just here to help.