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What's the quality of water in your home? Find out with a simple test that takes about five minutes.

Free In-store Water Test

(Hardness, Iron, Total Dissolved Solids and pH)

Step 1

Take a sample of your tap water into a small container. You can use an empty jelly jar, a Tupperware container, a sports water bottle, or something similar. We only need about 8 oz. to test.

Step 2

Bring the tap water sample to an Aqua Systems store. The test will take less than five minutes, and you'll have results right away.

Additional Water Tests Available

Option 1

DIY In-home Bacteria only
Total Coliform & E. Coli ($16.95)
Safe and accurate testing for: Bacteria presence or absence in drinking water. See results in as fast as *24 hours (*Speed of results may vary.)

Option 2

City Water Lead Test
Tests 1 Contaminant ($49.95)
Certified Lab Testing for:"TOTAL LEAD" - Two Lead Tests per Kit. Provides 2-in-1 testing for Lead in your Water Supply & from your Plumbing Fixtures. Tests for Dissolved Lead + Solid Lead = 100% Total Lead. FREE Return Shipping to Our Laboratory.
Includes FREE DIY Bacteria Test.
Test Results Emailed to You in THREE Business Days

Option 3

Basic Well Water Test
Tests 5 Contaminants ($69.95)
Certified Lab Testing for:
Hardness, Nitrate/Nitrite, Copper and Lead. FREE return shipping to our laboratory.
Includes FREE DIY Bacteria Test.
Test Results Emailed to You in 7-10 Business Days