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Q: I have a Series 9000 Water Treatment System. If I shut my water off for 2 weeks, should I unplug my water treatment system?
A: Hello, That should not be necessary. Unplugging it would not hurt anything, but turning your water off is all I typically do when leaving for more than 24 hours. Upon returning I would manually regenerate your system before you go to bed that night. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Steve Crane
Q: I have a Smart Choice with a 1.5 cubic ft. tank. At a 16 grain setting, how much salt & water is used during the regeneration process? How much electricity is used monthly on this unit? What preventive maintenance needs to be done & how often? My unit is 8 years old. What is the life span of this unit, & how long will the tank resins last before they start to fail or efficiency is reduced? Does an exchange for a new unit be needed once the resins start to fail? Do you carry any softener units that do not require a timer like some of your competitors? Do you have any product that works with a water softener to improve scale reduction significantly? My water softener does not seem to reduce lime & scale as expected.
A: Hello, Thank you for your question. I will try to answer what I can and for anything you still have questions on you can call our service department at 1-800-447-5582 for further assistance. The specific softener you have (if still set at factory settings) will use 12 lbs. of salt and around 50 gallons of water per regeneration. I am not sure how much electricity this will use but it is probably around $4-$5 per year. I recommend yearly PM (preventative maintenance) of a sani-kit (cost $15). Life span of system is 20+ years simply because of the swappable components. Resin lasts 12-15 years on typical water (less on chlorine and well with high iron). When resin starts to fail I recommend swapping the resin. The system you have is demand based regeneration not a time based regeneration. We only use time to regenerate at a time when you are asleep. We do have Twin systems that do not need specific set time regeneration and do provide 24 hours continuous soft water. All softeners are able to remove hardness down to a level of zero. If you are not getting this then a service call might be a good idea. Your closest Aqua store in Fishers does free water testing if you want to see how well your softener is performing. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Steve Crane
Q: I rent an eradicator , How often does it need to be upgrade ? I like to keep up with newer models every couple or so years. but wants to keep the monthly payments @ the same. Thank You
A: Hello, The eradicators get a major upgrade about every 5-6 years or so. In my opinion there is no really need to upgrade the system as only little changes are made every so often and major upgrades happen not very often. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Steve Crane