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We are an Indianapolis-based, independent water treatment company that specializes in water softeners, drinking water systems, water purification, problem water solutions, large scale water solutions for business and industry and bottled water.   We have convenient superstore retail locations throughout Indiana along with locations in Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Montana and Nebraska.  With a knowledgeable staff of water experts and multiple store locations, Aqua Systems has been helping people improve their water since 1959.

Aqua Systems introduces The High-Efficiency SmartChoice™ Gen II water softener.

The High-Efficiency SmartChoice™ Gen II offers all the benefits of soft water plus:

• Reduces salt usage by 25%
• Reduces water usage by 65%
• Requires less electricity

Aqua Systems helps out Habitat for Humanity

Aqua Systems was proud to be a part of the FOX59 and Williams Comfort Air Habitat House. Click Here for more details.

Magnetic, Electromagnetic, and other “No-Salt” Systems.  Do they work?

At Aqua Systems we have specialized in using proven technology since 1959. However, these “new” systems do not provide soft water, and the scientific proof of their effectiveness is absent.

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Indianapolis Water Softeners

In todays busy world you don't have time for a water softener that constantly needs service. At Aqua Systems we understand that and have responded by building high quality water treatment products that are built to last through years of simple, trouble-free operation. Aqua Systems' proprietary water softeners and water filtration products feature a modular component design so the water softener system can be easily separated. Water softener control valves are tooled with quick tank connections so parts can be separated and switched out easily unlike most of today's "disposable" appliances. Aqua Systems also offers an exclusive component exchange program so, if repair is ever needed, components can be repaired in our facility, not your home.

High quality does not mean high price. Aqua Systems offers a comprehensive water treatment sales and service program that includes trained water professionals ready to assist you in choosing the best water softener system to professional installation, maintenance and repair. This complete "turnkey" water treatment solution program is priced to fit into most every budget.

All our water softeners and water filtration products are backed by industry-leading warranties, reinforcing the quality and lasting value behind the Aqua Systems brand water treatment systems . LEARN MORE ABOUT WATER SOFTENERS

Indianapolis Bottled Water

Tap water must meet strict set FDA guidelines before it can ever be sent to your home. This water is generally safe to drink. The problem is, in the process of getting water clean enough to drink chemicals are used along with various types of filtration systems then the water must be transported to your home via a long system of under ground pipes. By the time the water gets to your home you have a safe product. Unfortunately this water may not smell or taste the best.

Aqua Systems' premium purified bottled water is produced to the highest standards of the International Bottled Water Association. In fact we have been the winner of the Excellence in manufacturing Award for Over 13 Years! Our extensive analysis assures you consistent quality in every drop of our water. LEARN MORE ABOUT BOTTLED WATER.

Indianapolis Drinking Water

Drinking water is one of the most critical issues in regards to water treatment. It can affect you and your family's overall health. Water softening is great for shaving, bathing, laundry, etc., but the water we drink needs to meet a higher standard. Drinking water needs to be free from any impurities and chemicals if it is going to be used for drinking water or cooking. Reverse Osmosis Purification will provide you with the high level of purification needed for drinking water by removing all the impurities and chemicals from regular tap water. Reverse Osmosis also eliminates salt that basic faucet filters cannot filter out. The Reverse Osmosis Purification process can remove particles as small as ions from your water!

Aqua Systems' proprietary reverse osmosis purification systems are the cornerstone solution of our drinking water product line. As one of the finest water purification processes available, Aqua Systems' reverse osmosis systems will provide you and your family with the highest quality drinking water that will taste great too! LEARN MORE ABOUT DRINKING WATER